We offer a complete mailing and postal solution from your supplied Excel database files.

When sending Excel files to be used in a mail merge, each piece of information should be set out in it's own cell, as in the following example. There should be no spaces between each line of data and no punctuation marks (e.g. quotation marks).

If a letter is to be used in the mail merge, it can be saved as a word document, you need to ensure that enough space is provided for any logos or signatures that can be scanned into your letter. Also if a long letter is used, please bear in mind that the address needs to go into a set position to fit a C4 or C5 window envelope. (Please supply a sample of the letterhead you wish the merge to be printed on).

We can supply the envelope, stuffing and postal service.

We also have the software to convert your data for personalised correspondence. ie. names in a promotional leaflet. Please ring for further details.