We purchase all types of paper and supply the University with A4 and A3 white and tinted paper. Digital Print Services take into account the quality of the product and environmental issues.

Departments must request their paper for copying and printing through Digital Print Services . The quantity of paper we purchase allows us to pass on very attractive rates. There's no charge for white copying paper but there is a charge for tinted paper.

To order paper you need to raise a Print Order.
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Prices are available for Birmingham City University Intranet users only

All papers we purchase are tested for reliability and consistency. In order to guarantee quality we ensure that the paper is a mill branded paper. This is not always the case with other suppliers who package a variety of different types of paper into their standard products. We also check the run-ability of the paper on our machines and on machines from BCU departments to gather their feedback.

Environmental Issues
Digital Print Services take a very serious view to materials and chemicals used. Where possible we use water miscible chemicals while the waste chemicals are collected by an authorised disposal company.

Recent improvements in the quality of recycled paper have enabled us to use more and more recycled paper. DPS have reduced its weight of paper from 80gms to 75gms.

You can find out more information from the WRAP website www.wrap.org.uk This will give you in depth information regarding the make up of recycling products and aims. This will take away some of the old myths of recycled paper.

Also, our suppliers issue us with an environmental statement from the mill that manufactures our paper. It outlines the environmental policy and efforts made to produce paper with the least amount of effect on the environment. Click on the pdf link to see the statement.